I’m still not on U.S. time.  I wake up really early, have bundles of energy for several hours, and then crash.  This has resulted in some really cool things getting done: I finally re-did my bathroom, for example.  I gave the tub a good scouring, using over 9000 cleaning products, and got a new memory foam bath mat and new shower curtain.  I also did a mega lot of other things that day (Friday).  The downside is getting into philosophical arguments with people I love who don’t share my views, when they engage me after 1pm.  I probably shouldn’t speak after 1pm.  (Or type.)

But hey, it’s Sunday and it’s blog time, and I have no regrets.  So here are snippets of things I’ve been meaning to share.  No coherent theme.  Here we go, buffet-style.


I promised Facebook I would post some of the somewhat inappropriate things Ed said while in England, so here’s one:

Me:  You really need to recycle that bottle.

Ed:  But my bag is full of bottles…

Me:  There are recycling bins everywhere.  Isn’t it good that they have so much recycling here?

Ed: *shrug*

Me:  What is not good about recycling?  Don’t you want to save the earth for our children?

Ed:  Don’t you want our children to live on Mars?  Because that would be really cool.

I swear, it was a lot funnier when it was said than how it comes across on the screen…


This is me and Trajan, Roman emperor from the years 98-117 AD.  I’m terrible with history, but luckily I had read this post by my friend Brian.  If you’re looking for a good blog on the library profession, his is it.  Go, read.  Even if you’re not a librarian.



Speaking of libraries, Beth and I are going to have a great podcast for you in a week or so.  I’ll post it when it’s recorded.  I’ve been collecting many lovely links that deserve speaking about on the internet.  Among the topics:  the new trend in teen fiction, the mermaid book.  Stephenie Meyer’s writing one of those.  Methinks we are all tired of the dystopias and the vampires.  I may be a tad dystopia-ed out (I’m currently reading nothing of the sort) but I am excited about the Hunger Games movie, which we’ll also be talking about on the podcast.  (Yes, again.)


Here’s another Ed Conversation (sadly, not from England).

Ed:  So what is Anna Karenina about, anyway?

Me:  Well, I’m not too far into it, but mostly it’s just some guys talking about Russian politics.  There’s supposed to be a love story later.

Ed:  So, it’s like a Communist Water for Elephants?


Oh, and here’s another library link that’s worth a look.  In the Library with the Lead Pipe had this beautiful piece by Leigh Anne Vrabel about writing and librarianship.


Today’s one of those days when I truly feel my identity crisis.  Maybe it was the philosophical discussion earlier today.  Maybe it is all the coffee I’ve been chugging.  Maybe it’s because I’ve been writing short stories made of existential dreck.


The best thing to cure this kind of funk: a cat picture.


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