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I suck at selling things.

Even at the library, since we’re trying so hard to boost circulation, I’ll often try to hand-sell a few extra books. People always turn me down… and they don’t have to pay anything!

Whenever I have a home party, I’m always demurring – “You don’t have to buy anything if you don’t want to! Just wanted to invite you because I like you! Ha ha!”

So why did I decide to crowdfund this book? (I’m asking myself the same thing.)

Today is my 36th birthday. I’ve been writing since I was in third grade. This is my fourth novel. The others all stink. I didn’t know how to construct a story, I was writing to trends, I didn’t want to be labeled as a certain kind of author.

I lamented and tore my hair about this. “How can I build a brand when I don’t want to write just one thing?” I said to my author friends. They told me to focus on the book I wanted to write: make it good. Make it something you would want to read.

So this is it. It’s about Miranda Underwood, who wakes up one morning feeling… off. She realizes she’s lost a year’s worth of memories. She’s a neuroscientist, working for a shady company called MindTech, which operates out of a secret basement office in Fairlawn – or at least she was until now. She’s got to figure out what happened to her. And you’ll get the explanation through Ben Baker, a computer programmer who tells the other side of the story during the year Miranda has lost.

I’m trying to figure out how to sell this to you, and maybe people who sell things for a living will have better answers. But what I’m thinking is that you’re buying potential. I believe in this book – I really do – and if I sell enough copies, I will get the editing and industry knowledge that the story needs to succeed. You’ll be helping to launch it. Holding the baby’s hands as she grows into a toddler, as she begins to walk on her own.

I’ve got 90 days to make 250 people buy this book. If I get up to 750, I get a higher tier of editing and marketing, and cover design, too. That goal may be a stretch, but I would love your support in helping me reach it. (But if you don’t want to, that’s OK too… No, Cari, stop!)

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  1. Aili Aili

    I’m not good at selling things, but I would say including a link to buy where you’re writing about it would be a good start…. 😉

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