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Highlights of My Writing Career

Third grade. Young Cari is given a Garfield notebook and told to write journal entries. The “writing bug” ensues – a peculiar urge to put words together into sentences and hope that others might read them. (Some may view this as a curse).

First novel: Trapped in a Video Game. The protagonist, a fan of Wesley Crusher, is sucked into her Mario game and has to save the princess. It doesn’t sell.

Cari completes a Star Trek: Deep Space Nine novel wherein Jadzia Dax and Julian Bashir are kidnapped by an alien race and offered up for sacrifice by the race’s god. Kind of based on that whole Theseus and the minotaur thing. Cari is certain the novel will sell to Pocket Books. (Spoiler: it does not)

Bad poetry.

College. Cari studies with great teachers and churns out a couple of decent stories. One wins a $500 prize. A couple of honorable mentions. YES. Cari is going to the big time.

Cari completes Queen of the Geeks, a “chick lit” novel about a woman who moves home to Amish country and falls in love with a mild-mannered librarian. NOT AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL AT ALL.

“Chick lit” is no longer a term used in publishing. All the books with pink covers are no longer selling.

Time to try YA! Next up, Memento Mori, about a teen who is, well, Death.

Henry comes along. All writing is over.

YA isn’t selling. Cari isn’t sure she wants to be a YA author or a “chick lit” author. Commence gnashing of teeth and tearing of hair.
Many short stories. Some are published! Yay, that’s kind of okay!

Cari completes a cozy mystery, of which she does not remember the title because she is tired, about a bassoon player framed for murder.
Ollie arrives. Writing is over again.

More short stories.

Cari completes her latest novel, How to Remember, which is currently on sale at Inkshares.
It’s kind of, sort of, good! You should buy it!

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