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About Cari

Hi.  My name is Cari.  I live in Northeast Ohio, where the libraries are well-funded and the weather is mercurial.  The weather gives me headaches.  My day job is in one of those libraries.  I’m kind of like a human search engine, which is funny, because there is a search engine called Cari in Malaysia.  Also, you can ask me what book you should read next, and I will tell you what I think.

You can listen to my podcast, which will tell you about the library in which I work, but this blog is not affiliated with that library.  (It is a pretty awesome library, though.)

I write stories, essays, articles, and novels, and now I write blog posts.  You can read the blog posts on this site.  I also served for five years as the Library Liaison to a terrific organization of mystery writers and readers called Sisters in Crime.

I am an erstwhile gamer.  I play some instruments, mostly bassoon.  I am bad at keeping secrets and at telling lies.

Most of the pictures on this blog were taken by my talented husband, Ed Dubiel.


  1. Alice Alice

    Cari, I’m excited about a public blog for you, and I’m also excited about that freakin gorgeous photo.

    • Ed Ed

      I know this is a Necro comment but… whenever I’m feeling down about my photography skills and need a pick me up, I look at that picture of Cari and realize that I’m not too awful. 🙂

  2. Cindy Dubiel Cindy Dubiel

    Loved your blog about the coupons I am like so addicted to that show but I think these people really go overboard…I mean some of them are like openly sweating about how their total will be when they check out.
    Yes, I do use coupons but not to that extreme.
    I mean I have seen people on there dumpster diving to get coupons.
    It’s crazy what these people will do for coupons.
    On the other hand I have seen people who use them to get things to donate to shelters for homeless people to send gift pkgs.overseas to the troops and yes they even use the coupons for supplies to animal shelter so they do some good but others just go crazy over it

  3. Alan (A.A.Alan). Alan (A.A.Alan).

    Dear Cari,
    Always believe in yourself. All good will come out. Perseverance is important but so is faith in yourself. You are unique with your own talents and gifts. Continue. That’s what makes it.

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